Twenty-seven is a lot different from what I expected it to be .

Grown into myself a bit more, a bit more grounded in the knowledge that I ought only fly.

Used to the momentary tides of uncertainty and the staying belief that the almighty will steer me ashore.

Recognizing my flaws and growing through defeating them.

Appreciating the value of service and deriving satisfaction from helping others in my work.

Living in the present more and knowing what is important.

Trusting my gut more, being fearless to do what I intuit is right .

Accepting the consequences that come with my decisions and taking responsibility even when they do not go as initially intended.

Instantly owning up to a mistake and saying sorry.

Being comfortable with my fallible self, quirks and irrational and mostly petty preferences. Allowing myself to explore more film,music culture, language, food, drink, technology,conspiracy theories , remaining inquisitive.

Listening more,watching more and in so doing knowing more.

Oh for the grace to grow, not to stand still and finally never be too stubborn to learn.

Until we meet again, remember…


Absens Haeres Non Erit.



~ by The Fat Diaries on April 17, 2016.

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