the Middle bit

Stories of success often emphasize the dramatic.

The trying times ,uncertain times, joyful times, times of mourning times of jubilation  times of plenty  times of nothing.

Times of insecurity ,times of  doing, perfect finishes , the ultimate paradise , the cherry to top off the cake .

They often miss out the times ostensibly of nothing.

After the psyching up, the planning, the execution and finally the reward.

There is a part of the story that is often not told, the part where they knew exactly what had to be done, were in the right frame of mind, started doing it, and doing it and doing it, year in year out, slaving away with no apparent change and not as much motivation as they first set off with, and the occasional doubt of their ability to achieve the reward creeping in ,but fighting off those thoughts off although not with as much vigor as they once did, contemplating how these doubts had come to be,having to remind themselves of themselves but staying the course nonetheless and keeping at  it and keeping at it.

Oh that they spent a bit longer on the Middle bit of their success story.





~ by The Fat Diaries on March 30, 2014.

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