Apparently its better NOT to be all alone in the world.

Everything must start with yourself though.

I’m afflicted, how do I find that sweet spot. Somewhere between supreme zen and an ideal partner

The parents and their ‘subtle’ hints.

“I’ll be a strong grandfather dont you think son?”

Its more complicated than you think guys!

Or is it simpler?

All I need is a perfect blend of genes, intellect and character.

Real pedigree.

I must be a different kind of chauvinist to compare a life’s companion to

generations of dogs bred to perfection.

How rare it is to come across perfection and yet I have.

And it slipped away from me.

Wasn’t mine to start with.

Felt a lot like twas though, muddied  perception I guess.

All I count on is that the earth is forever on an orbit around the sun, the cyclical nature of the universe and the possibility of the constellations one day being aligned in the same manner as that day I first saw perfection

Perhaps we’ll meet again maybe we won’t….

I’ll wait.


~ by The Fat Diaries on July 6, 2013.

One Response to “Courtship”

  1. Love is patient….always hopeful…love never fails….

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